This event is a co production between Uranus Studio, Exodus Event and Koh Tao Island, helped with our activist partners for a better world



Alex Face

Thailand / Street artist

Patcharapol Tangruen, also known as Alex Face, is a one of the famous and influential graffiti artist in Thailand. He studied architecture which led him to explore and wander the streets of Bangkok for abandoned buildings. Using walls in the city as a canvas, he express himself and develops his street art. He then created Alex Face, a disillusioned child’s face wearing animal costumes. Through his graffiti, Alex Face especially attempts to create a link with the urban population, the underprivileged of Bangkok and the provinces. He now includes images of penguins that have since become famous into his graffiti. Alex considers himself as an artist with a social conscience. His current signature, a quizzical smoking baby who looks wise beyond his years at first glance cute but all the time worrying about the future of the world.



France / Street artist

Cart’1 discovered graffiti in 89. The French graffiti artist who defines himself as « street graphic artist », studied applied arts in Lyon. Graphist designer and art director in London, Paris and Grenoble, he never stopped painting in the streets. « Resident Artist » at the Abode of Chaos since 2005, he now alternates frescoes, event projects and creation of technological devices for graffitis. Since 2007, the « Street Art communication Festival » of Kosice in Slovakia is placed under his patronage. Cart’1 now shares his time between Lyon and projects worldwide, in Colombia, he created in 2015 the « Killart street art festival ». Like a facetious kid, Cart’1 disrupts reality in urban space, by painting small characters or graphics objects into sham, as real living objects… The graffiti artists Cart’1 will perfom with water spray cans.


Catherine Berthillier

France / Reporter, Founder of Shamengo

Shamengo is a fantastic collective adventure in which everyday new talents participate. The objective of this association is to build Shamengo Villas to allow people to see and experiment within these living lab ludo educational, the best of green and social innovation of the planet. This initiative has been raised by Catherine Berthillier, reporter for the major news programs of French television : Envoyé Special (France 2), Des Racines et des Ailes (France 3), Arte Reportage (Arte)… as well as numerous documentaries for France 3 and France 5 in international co-production. After having denounced for 15 years in her investigations, those who destroy the world and received many distinctions (grand prix of FIGRA, Silver award at the festival of NY…), Catherine decides in 2008 to put her skills and contacts in France and abroad, for the benefit of those who build the world of tomorrow. Shamengo, producted by Kaia Prod is created in 2011.


Dada Li

China / Freediver

A girl who got hooked on the feeling of freedom, ever since her first free dive in the crystal blue ocean made her believe she was a mermaid once upon a time. With this belief, she practiced almost every single day, making her own tail to become her mermaid dream. Her name is Dada Li. She has been wandering within the blue, advancing to become an underwater model, as well as an AIDA international Freediving Instructor and Judge.


Daniel Hasulyo

Hungary / Bangkok / Stand up Paddle Star Board Team

In 2004, Daniel becomes Starboard ProKid Windsurf team member. With his brother Bruno, Daniel can be proud that Starboard has been believing in him and his brother since they were kids. And it’s now 12 years, they lived the evolution of StarBoard and experienced the Tiki Life. In 2011 with his brother and dad he paddled 2.000 km in 38 days all the way from the Black Forest to the Black Sea on the Danube, and he definitely admits this has been a real crazy experience. Proud of his 2015 New Zealand National Champion title and the over all 3rd place at the Japan Cup in Chigasaki where he finally had the chance to compete against some of the top riders of the world and show them his potential, Daniel are now coaches for Starboard.


Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier

Reunion Island, France / Free-diving, film director at « Les Films Engloutis »

Guillaume Néry is a French apnea champion. He dives in a single inspiration at -125m below the surface of the sea. Multiple world record holder, double world champion, Guillaume’s quest goes far beyond simple sport. Guillaume practices his discipline as an art, his art of living. His sensitivity brings him naturally into the world of fiction in the image of Narcosis. With Julie Gautier, native of Reunion Island and also holder of several French records of apnea in depth (-68m), they are combining aesthetics and performance, films and exploration. Julie uses her abilities as a medium of expression. Back on earth, Julie is an author and director. For nearly 10 years now, they write, film and direct « Les Films Engloutis », whose images go around the world. Parents of a little girl, three of us are now travelling all around the world… and underwater !


Pepe Arcos

Spain / Freediver, filmmaker

Pepe is a devoted freediver instructor and underwater filmmaker. As well as winning the Spanish Championship title, he has achieved various national records in freediving. He has also competed in international events such as the European and World Championships. He recently produced “Pressure”, short semi-biographical film featuring the underwater journey of world-famous Catalan freediver Miguel Lozano to 123 metres under the surface of the ocean.


Svein Rasmussen

Norway / Windsurf, Founder of StarBoard

Svein is a Norwegian windsurfer born in 1963 in Arendal. He starts windsurfing in 1978 and wins the Mistral Worlds in 1983. In 1991, he becomes the first sailor to win in all disciplines of the IFCA Production Class Worlds. In 1993, Svein retires from competition and starts his own windsurfing company. After meeting with Jean-Louis Colmas, a shaper from New Caledonia who, at that time, is the only one to use wood to build windsurf boards, Svein founds Starboard in 1993 in Thailand where it still settles today. Starboard is a pioneer in the field of stand up paddle boards and leader on this market over 20 years now. Aware of the impact of its production on the planet, Svein recognizes early that it is imperative for his company to reduce its CO2 emissions. Invested in the blue Carbone initiative, he launches years ago an operation to replant mangroves in Thailand to cover the total emissions affecting its own products and services (nearly 71,000 000 kg). The Blue Carbon Initiative currently focuses on carbon in coastal ecosystems which sequester and store large quantities of blue carbon in both the plants and the sediment below. The Blue Carbon Initiative works to protect and restore coastal ecosystems for their role in reducing impacts of global climate change.


Xavier et Soyoko Colombet

France / Japan / Earthen architecture, permaculture, Tao Eco-Village Founders

Tsatsa House was created by Xavier and Soyoko who are now living in Bali. Xavier travelled for the last 15 years all over the planet, and wants to give back all the love he receives. Tsatsa House is about earthen architecture and a new way of building, simple, fast and beautiful : earth bag, using mostly the soil beneath our feet, sandbags and barbed wire… Their inspiration is our mother Earth, as everything in the universe is composed from the 5 elements (earth, water, air, fire and space). Interested in earth architecture, he studied in Auroville (India) and went to Cal Earth for a long term internship. With his partner Soyoko originally from Japan, they are supporting earth bag activities. Soyoko learnt about natural agriculture and sustainable ways of living (permaculture design…) in Japan and India… Today, after spending more than 3 years in Bali, building a small village with their own hands and a natural farming inspired by Fukuoka with permaculture principles ; both of them are convinced earth bag is one solution to provide affordable, sustainable housing. They are now acting to built these beautiful and respectful houses all over our planet, just because having a home should be a right and not an option. Tsatsa House will be our ambassador on Tao Festival


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