Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier

Reunion Island, France / Free-diving, film director at « Les Films Engloutis »

Guillaume Néry is a French apnea champion. He dives in a single inspiration at -125m below the surface of the sea. Multiple world record holder, double world champion, Guillaume’s quest goes far beyond simple sport. Guillaume practices his discipline as an art, his art of living. His sensitivity brings him naturally into the world of fiction in the image of Narcosis. With Julie Gautier, native of Reunion Island and also holder of several French records of apnea in depth (-68m), they are combining aesthetics and performance, films and exploration. Julie uses her abilities as a medium of expression. Back on earth, Julie is an author and director. For nearly 10 years now, they write, film and direct « Les Films Engloutis », whose images go around the world. Parents of a little girl, three of us are now travelling all around the world… and underwater !

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