Xavier et Soyoko Colombet

France / Japan / Earthen architecture, permaculture, Tao Eco-Village Founders

Tsatsa House was created by Xavier and Soyoko who are now living in Bali. Xavier travelled for the last 15 years all over the planet, and wants to give back all the love he receives. Tsatsa House is about earthen architecture and a new way of building, simple, fast and beautiful : earth bag, using mostly the soil beneath our feet, sandbags and barbed wire… Their inspiration is our mother Earth, as everything in the universe is composed from the 5 elements (earth, water, air, fire and space). Interested in earth architecture, he studied in Auroville (India) and went to Cal Earth for a long term internship. With his partner Soyoko originally from Japan, they are supporting earth bag activities. Soyoko learnt about natural agriculture and sustainable ways of living (permaculture design…) in Japan and India… Today, after spending more than 3 years in Bali, building a small village with their own hands and a natural farming inspired by Fukuoka with permaculture principles ; both of them are convinced earth bag is one solution to provide affordable, sustainable housing. They are now acting to built these beautiful and respectful houses all over our planet, just because having a home should be a right and not an option. Tsatsa House will be our ambassador on Tao Festival

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