Francis Harris (Scissor and thread / US)

Born in Las Vegas, raised on punk rock, and schooled in philosophy, Francis Harris went from « hating dance music », to establishing himself as a DJ/ Producer with a unique sound and a global audience. His often introspective productions, which have appeared on Audiomatique, Nummer, Mule, Dirt Crew, Superfreq (under his production alias Adultnapper which he no longer uses) and more recently Scissor and Thread, defy convention ; relying instead on a sophisticated, song-based approach, marked by elaborate swung micro-rhythms, thick musical baselines, complex arrangements and haunting tonal melodies. Now focused on the development of new artists for the Scissor and Thread collective, Harris has been collaborating in the studio and behind the decks with label partner Anthony Collins as Frank & Tony. Together the pair have released Five well received EPs of pitched down melodic house tunes.


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