Kevin Yost (Leena Music / US)

There is no one genre or style to classify the many achievements of Kevin Yost. Ever since picking up drumsticks at the age of four, Kevin has been obsessed with creating and performing music. DJ, producer, film composer, drummer… In the mid 80s, at the age of eleven, Kevin discovered DJing and house music. He spent the next few years fostering his deep jazzy house style, and in 1998 he broke through with his first deep house classic album « One Starry Night ». With close to 100 single releases, 8 albums and many mix cd’s over the years since, Kevin is a very prolific artist. As all his music is created on stage, each gig is different. His last EP « Dancer dancer » was released last July on Leena music (Sublabel of Mobilee, founded in 2005 by Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann).


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