Khoon Samarn (Nakhon Ratchasima / Thailand)

« Khoon – Samarn » also known as « Piek Korat », is an independant and free spirit musician, living in Nakhornratchasima, Thailand. “With a mixture of pure Korat dialects and unique rhythm, Khoon Samarn has been secretly shining in the music industry for several years. Khoon Samarn released several underground albums on his own : « Lai Hin Orn » (Marble Album or so called « let me sing for you ») and « Carbomb ». The strength of his music is surely based on his free-spirited thoughts. For him, being famous or possessing loads of money are not the true quintessentials. This is the reason why Khoon Samarn still continues to compose and perform his music wherever he can.


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