Paradise Bangkok (Zudrangma Records / Thailand)

Paradise Bangkok is a club event, record label and a band : The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band. With their popular party series Paradise Bangkok and hand-picked compilations for the fine labels Finders Keepers and Soundway, record collectors and DJs Maft Sai & Chris Menist single-handedly brought back the rich culture of Thai pop music of the 1960’s and 70’s to the public’s attention. These legendary characters are being backed by a young red-hot rhythm section formed by some of the most up and coming young musicians in Thailand’s capital. The combo performed at high-profile events such as Wassermusik Festival in Berlin, Belgium’s Sfinks and Poland’s leading open air Off… The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band’s European debuted in 2013 and blew everyone away and proved why insiders are considering them a future world music sensation.


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