Side Effect (Yangon / Myanmar)

Side Effect is the most energetic and invigorating indie band from Burma / Myanmar. Against a great deal of political and economic challenges, Side Effect has been rocking, irrepressibly, since 2004. The band has cultivated an indie sound that combines their poetic Burmese lyrics with their musical roots in punk, and mixes them with elements of garage rock, power pop, and back-to- the-basics rock’n’roll, in a manner similar to bands like The Strokes and The Libertines. The band’s music draws inspiration from everyday life in Yangon and the current political shifts in Myanmar. The recent demolishing of music censorship has given them the ability to become more socio-political. The band’s songs embody the passionate resilience of youth in Myanmar. While Myanmar has only recently opened up its doors after being closed for 50 years, Side Effect are ready to take on the world…


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