Srirajah Rockers (Sriracha / Bangkok / Thailand)

« Srirajah Rockers » built their own identity by composing songs based on subconscious thoughts during their teenage times, combining with their opinions on the matter of how our world has become materialistic. With slow reggae rhythms to symbolise people’s common sense and the urges of changing, Srirajah Rockers band delivers another dimension of music which focuses more on real life situations through their points of view rather than talking about love like other bands do. Most of their songs reflect issues which have been existing in our society such as racism, inequalities or even lack of freedom. To inspire and ignite people’s concerns that ethical manners is more essential than technological improvements is their main purpose for composing music. By using their reggae melodic and clues hidden in lyrics, the band expects to help refining people’s thoughts…


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