Monsieur Lupin (Garage Cube / France)

Gael Abegg Gauthey was raised with video games, electronic toys and grew up with the domestic computing. After having studied animated movies and visual communication, in 1998 he designed one the official FIFA world cup posters and co-founded Megalo(s), where he worked as art director and motion designer. In 2006 he started to play video live on clubs as VJ Lupin. In 2007 he founded VisionSonore, a video event company and created graffiti projection, mapping video shows for brands private parties (Mini, Rossignol skis, L’Oréal), fashion shows and video scenography (Bolero de Ravel Ballet feat. Farukh Ruzimatov, choreographer Darren Johnston at Kochi art museum in Japan, BAM Festival in Liege or MadMapper at Moscow Circle of Light festival). In 2013, Gael joined GarageCube Softwares as Technical Support Manager and Modul8 & MadMapper specialist. Mr. Lupin is considered as one of the most talented fanciest VJ in Switzerland…


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