Children of Tao

“Treat the earth well : it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.“ Lakota

TAO Music & Underwater Festival is the first international eco-festival in Koh Tao, hosting artists and Media from all around the world. But beyond music, art and partying, TAO Music & Underwater Festival is talking about educating and raising awareness in waste treatment and warning population about pollution and nature preservation. As we all know, the future of our planet depends on our children, that is the reason why we choose to involve young generation to our environmental causes, by setting up a nice program dedicated to kids. A nice way to integrate them into this event by empowering them.

Ocean School

The night site buildings, as sustainable constructions, will remain to becoming the Ocean School for the rest of the year. This responsible eco village will provide workshops and school intervention to sensitise locals but also tourists…

Cleaning days

Tao Festival will recrute two groups of 50 kids each from the 29th till the 30th of March, for the day-sites of the Festival. This entire program dedicated to kids will be driven by Nicky (local from Koh Tao) and his wife Kwan (Tao Festival), Svein (StarBoard), and Guillaume Néry. StarBoard and his champion sup team members, as close partners of Tao Festival will provide stand-up paddle and appeal to its legendary ambassadors to initiate kids to stand-up paddle and free-diving. Every morning, a team of 50 children will be offered free introduction to freediving with Guillaume Néry and also with legendary freedivers amabassadors of Adex Team. Children will also be introduced to stand-up paddle, and yoga. After this nice way to start the day, kids  will practice by beach cleaning, supported by apnean and sup riders champions. Every morning, on the 29th and 30th of March, before daytime free-parties they all together will clean up the beach where parties will be given.

Afternoon breaks

Understanding the impact of diving activities on the eco system is one of the main stakes of the festival. We realized the best way to inform tourists and locals on those essential issues is to educate our future generations. As a matter of fact, the best way to educate children is to teach them the basics of protecting the environment by entertaining them and developing fun and creative activities. That’s why, children will be welcomed every afternoon on daysites, for street art workshops. Thanks to harmless water-based paints spraycans provided by Montana, kids will be introduced to graffiti by famous street-artists Cart’1 and AlexFace. Then, children will be asked to tell with graffiti what they have done in the morning-time with Guillaume Nery, and the StarBoard team. They could also be able to explain why it’s important to keep beach and ocean clean. Kids could also paint the natural cycle of things or how toxic sunscreen can be for corals. They also will learn how at their level they can be useful in saving the sea, littoral and nature, in fighting incivilities and waste disposal in nature…

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