Compost toilets

Because Koh Tao is a tiny island 70 Km offshore, in the Gulf of Thailand, all its water is imported from the mainland. It is therefore obvious that we must preserve this precious resource and try to save it, as much as we can. Sceptique tanks, and chemical toilets are very pollutant for water tables on small ecosystems. We first started with the simple idea that we can give back to nature what we consume, this is the best way to reconnect to the natural cycle of things and taking care of the ecosystem. Kept for a year on special dedicated tank, our waste will be used for growing flowers and trees by humanure. Compost toilets using rice husk or sawdust will be definitely the simplest way and the best ecological solution for the island, and this will allow us to save a huge quantity of water. Thus 60 compost toilets made of bamboo will be built on nighttime site for festivalgoers with illustrations by Cart’1 about the natural cycle of things.

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